Creating an NPC repository

One of the things I would like to do is a PDF with a recollection of NPC for quick characters in a game or during it's preparation.

The idea comes from the Eclipse Phase NPC supplement which has saved me from more of one headache.

For Cyberpunk I could rely on the quick NPC generation from the core rulebook but it make random characters without any logic. And it doesn't even use any of the info on the splatbooks.

My template would be this:

And an example of a quick NPC would be like this:

Ideally I should make various levels of characters ... low level mobs, average opponents/allies, expert ones, etc. ... it's a lot of work, but well. It ain't gonna make itself, right?

Let's see if I have time to do it.

Edit: One year later ... no, I did not have the time :D that's life for you :P

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