Watchdogs 2 and Netrunners

Its been a while since last post ... I still have various pending things I want to tackle off.

New equipment ripped from our daily lives (3D printers, drones, wireless connections, etc).

Quick start rules.

Quick character generation.

Crafting rules for cyberdecks and other gadgets.

But today ... what moved me to write was the new Watcgdogs 2. I'm still early in the game, but I already feel like a netrunner hacking around.

The game seems to have quite a few tricks more into it's sleeve. I love the one direction car remote control ...

In one mission I had to steal a car, but the place was crawling with cops. I cleared the zone launching the cop cars into the road, and took the oportunity to steal the car while cops were running around confused.


So later I will try to translate as much as I can from the game into Cyberpunk.