Well, it's been a while ... like ... more than a year? Really? Well, it seems real life can get quite busy isn't it?

Anyway, I been playing games anyway. I had to go back on Spider processors and almost free wi-fi attacks, they gave to much power to Netrunners as they could control literally anything.

So I have stepped back and returned to standard hacking rules for implants. Netrunners can still make fun of solos and all that, it is just harder and more limited.

Spiders had gone the way of Dodo, and I have modified some implants. Interface plugs now are wi-fi hotspots and can pair with anything the user desires. You can still use them to plug yourself physically, and in fact it has better performance (all cable connections are treated as low impedance cables instead) and cannot be hacked wirelessly.

Other implants include lowering camera gadgets space in implants (like Cyberoptics) and displays (Times Square). Cheapen cellular implants and convert them to small agendas/computers on it's own.

I also incorporated domestic humanoid robots, AI are to large to be put in a simple humanoid, but I use ideas from the movie I Robot and the RPG Game Neurospasta. Basically robots are only vessels and they are remotely controlled by company AI who manage multiple robots on real time.

Which by itself can led to a lot of adventures.

Also, cheaper full cyborgs. I know I created a previsoulsy one more cheaper but I have added other variations based on actual cyberimplants found on books. You know, using Enable Cyberlimbs to build an obsolete model has it's charm.

Also, Soviet ones.

In a summary, they are quite cheaper, but also a piece of junk that tends to fail more often than not. Take a look at the PDF of it's components.

Maybe another day (month or year) I will post the domestic robot statistics. I why not, my actual house rules.