CharGen challenge for Cyberpunk 2020

Sooooo ...

R.Talsorian did this:

And as a response I made this:

I'm pretty sure that, as open as Cyberpunk 2020 can be, anyone posting his/her character version, will have some different creation rules (I mean, I didn't compute operation costs, nor did I sell the original eyes to a body bank, but everyone's referee mileage may vary).

But it was fun ^_^ and somehow I enjoy making those "templates".

Cherry Bomb "Drawing" was quite fun to do too ... as a little fun insight, she was made from a random internet photo I found:

Cleaned it ...

And then modified to my "liking" ...

Copy pasted some hair (and deformed it), a toy shotgun, some random vest and some sort of palestinian keffiyeh, and p'shopped the lights of a rally car into the face. Oh! And another girls smile.

Now it's time for B&W filters ...

And finally the manual work of adding lines and more details.

And that's all.

Exoskeleton, Exosuit, Linear frame ... so many names for one thing. New Screamsheet 003

So here goes a polished version of a previous entry of mine, this time in the Screamsheet format.

Number 3 is here! Only 5ed! :P



New vehicle enter the scene

With the new BTU from Arasaka you can drive and walk around showing your prowess. But don't get attacked form the back, as the trooper is quite exposed :P

The idea of this BTU is to be able to mount it as fast as a bike, but be able to carry PA armament around, and even participate in "limited" persecution.

Anyway, here's the link:


A new Datafortress example

I made this map to illustrate one of the Datafortress I have in my game notes.

A way to illustrate in a "real" example on how a map will look:


After the 2077 reveal ...

Well, it seems the reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 have been stirring quite a lot of movement on forums and reddits where peace and tranquility was the norm.

I appreciate that.

Which also makes me want to write more again on this blog. Not that I never stopped thinking/playing with the Cyberpunk 2020 ruleset, but time is severely constrained and having a little of it to post here was a bit of a pain.

But well, what can I say ... I'm human and get hyped too ;D

First things first, I will try to update my mini-site with my latest house rules:

I mean, I already have them, the problem is that they are in Spanish and need to translate them.

Also, I my try to post about Netrunning, which is a recurrent thing on me (if you haven't noticed already) as I like it and a been toying a bit on posting on different "stations" and stuff. maybe I will post that on reddit first and see if it get any commentaries before posting it here.

PD: Two fucking years since last post, my goodness.


Watchdogs 2 and Netrunners

Its been a while since last post ... I still have various pending things I want to tackle off.

New equipment ripped from our daily lives (3D printers, drones, wireless connections, etc).

Quick start rules.

Quick character generation.

Crafting rules for cyberdecks and other gadgets.

But today ... what moved me to write was the new Watcgdogs 2. I'm still early in the game, but I already feel like a netrunner hacking around.

The game seems to have quite a few tricks more into it's sleeve. I love the one direction car remote control ...

In one mission I had to steal a car, but the place was crawling with cops. I cleared the zone launching the cop cars into the road, and took the oportunity to steal the car while cops were running around confused.


So later I will try to translate as much as I can from the game into Cyberpunk.