After the 2077 reveal ...

Well, it seems the reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 have been stirring quite a lot of movement on forums and reddits where peace and tranquility was the norm.

I appreciate that.

Which also makes me want to write more again on this blog. Not that I never stopped thinking/playing with the Cyberpunk 2020 ruleset, but time is severely constrained and having a little of it to post here was a bit of a pain.

But well, what can I say ... I'm human and get hyped too ;D

First things first, I will try to update my mini-site with my latest house rules:

I mean, I already have them, the problem is that they are in Spanish and need to translate them.

Also, I my try to post about Netrunning, which is a recurrent thing on me (if you haven't noticed already) as I like it and a been toying a bit on posting on different "stations" and stuff. maybe I will post that on reddit first and see if it get any commentaries before posting it here.

PD: Two fucking years since last post, my goodness.