The previous entry arose some design problems I have with the Maximum Metal rulebook.

A motorbike is stated as having only 1 space. And you must reserve an space for the pilot … which mean you cannot use options that need more space.

It doesn't care that you may be working with a huge motorbike or even a trike. It doesn't take in account that thousands of people carry a companion on its motorbike on a daily basis.

It doesn't even take in account sidecars.

What if I want to put a sidecar with a mounted turret connected to the cybernetic controls of the motorbike?

My first reaction was to modify the cycle entrance to allow for 1 to 2 spaces.
My second reaction was to tweak the SDP rules to copy other vehicles so you needed to increase the SDP if you wanted more space.

My third reaction was to create an extra option (like increased speed) to allow for extra spaces at a speed cost and SDP cost.

The last option made me think about other kind of options for vehicles. The most obvious, being method of movement. Why I can’t make a cycle with continuous tracks (for a snowmobile)?

But alternate moving systems come with different speeds and acceleration … so I’m thinking on modifying the cycle entry to add variable SDP based on spaces (15 SDP per space) and adding another entry for cycles with tracks.

That’s not all.

Once you add a tracked cycle, you must ask yourself … and why not a walking car, truck or MBT? Because you know you want to make a personal walking MBT with robotic IA … you could be tempted to use ACPA rules, but Fuchikomas, Tachikomas work more like autonomous vehicles than ACPAs.

If you don’t know what a Fuchikoma is, go kill yourself.

So later (or not) I will try to make those entries an corresponding options (pincers, retractable wheels, grip pads, etc) to create track vehicles, and walking vehicles.

Edit: That was a fumble, books already cover vehicles with legs, etc


New vehicle ... well, motorbike.

Snakeeyes Timber 3 Cyborg Cycle

The ST3 is a special cycle designed for cybered people. It is robust, armored and fast, and comes with full equipment for the modern day chrome addict.

It's also bigger than most bikes.

ACC/DEC: 36/60 MPH
SDP: 37
SP: 15
MASS: 250 KG
COST: 23,000 ED

Equipment: Seat Massager, Auto-pilot, Cybernetic linkage, Entretaintment system, Navigation system, Security system.



My player's tend to have difficulties to find the section about cyberdeck prices.

The next document resumes all the options in the core book taking into account the previous implants and modifications (spider processors, wireless links, etc.). The price for armored decks have been lowered, and cellular decks have been removed entirely.

Referees need to take into account these changes for previous published cyberdecks with those properties.

CP2020 - House Rules - Cybedecks Revised Prices


New Cyberware

The following implants and chips where made trying to update the feeling of the setting to more a modern standards. It also serves as a preparation for netrunning other people brains, or ghosting if you prefer.

Remember that a character can only use as many chips as his INT score, every MU of his spider processor counts as a chip. Spider processors cannot be used for netrunning, you still need a cyberdeck.

CP2020 - House Rules - Neural & Chipware


Humanity loss alternate rules

One of my gripes with the humanity rules, is that they are a little bit punishing on the roleplaying side. While I understand its motives, I like to play more cyberized games and having PC and NPC with low EMP make for rather boring encounters.

The following rules add a bit of variety to mental disorders and let players choose how it affect his character.

Humanity Loss Alternate Rules


Ghost in the Shell

More days of vacations, more time to throw in unfinished projects XD

Here goes a preview of a document I'm doing for an adaptation of Ghost in the Shell for Cyberpunk 2020. It's shameful copy of work done by Chris Dias for d20. Until I reach the rules section, the only thing mine is the layout.


Edit: Damn, I lost the files cannot continue ... I will have to begin anew.