Following the current trend in futuristic military gadgets, I've been wondering on the adaptation of a lighter, cheaper alternative to ACPA ... or more precisely, the Linear Frames (or Exo suits).

Sigma Linear Frame : STR 12, Dam. Mod. +4, Lift 600, Carry 180, Weight 125, Cost 5000eb
Reflex/Control systems: Advanced (Max Ref 10), No Mart. Arts
Armored cover for the system: CP 20, Cost 500eb
Trooper size: 114kg (Standard issue)
SIB: +2
SDP: 12
Final cost: 4950eb

What we have here is a cheap linear frame that boost soldier competence, speed and movement. Even more a Linear frame is slightly more comfortable than enclosing oneself inside a chassis for long hours.

Remember tho, that when someone shoots a Sigma user, 20% of bullets will impact the suit. When the suit reaches half its SDP there is a 40% chance of breakdown. Plus +10% for every new hit after that.

Also, the control system requires interface plugs with the Vehicle link.


If you are wondering why a soldier would want to use something that relatively fragile and weak compared to a low tier ACPA, the answer is simple. He doesn't choose to.

Militech Commando costs 108.306eb
Arasaka Standard B costs 89.050eb

You can equip 20 soldiers with exo suits for the cost of a simple Militech Commando. Even more ... with a quarter it's weight, they can outflank their opponents more easily and take better positions. Also, they're easier to transport and maintain.

And less intimidating to the average corp. citizen.


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